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Business Services, Consulting, Concierge Services, and Advocacy for All Ages, Specializing in Older Adults Care Management & Navigation and Life Coaching


Older Adult Care Management-Life Consulting-Small Projects

Concierge Services- Business Services-Referrals-Resource-Advocacy 

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About Us

When Life Calls...Our Experience Can Help


 Now In Need Consulting & Services was born out of personal and professional experiences that left us praying for an extra set of helping hands, ears, and eyes from time to time. 

We understand that all careers can be just as demanding as our personal lives. If you find your self "Now In Need" give us a call.

However, let’s say that you have found some balance between your personal and professional life when you hear the news that a loved ones has been diagnosed with a life threating disease or one of your parents are "Now in Need" of extra care.  Ask yourself will you be ready? Do you know where to start? Do you have the time off work? Do you have a plan?  Do you have time to locate resources? If you do not have a plan every moment can seems critical to the point you are just making decisions and praying for the best.

"Now In Need" understands the importance of having someone that could advocate, that understands your wishes, can help navigate through the health care system, or even provide resources or care management.  

Again, ask yourself when life calls in your personal or professional life will you be ready? Now In Need has learned the hard way how important it is to have a plan in place to preserve positive memory making with loved ones.  Let our experience help you to become proactive vs. reactive. Yes, there are many things we could be doing together now to preserve your memory making time with your loved ones or just giving you peace of mind. 

Nonetheless, if life calls before you are ready, just know, "Now In Need" knows that familiar ring and we are here to assist you with your personal and professional needs.

 Please check out our services to see how we may best be of service to you or your loved ones. 

Our Approach


Now In Need takes an educational, non-bias, and multi-disciplinary approach  to assist you.

We offer a suite of quality services that will help you, your loved ones or even your business. Our approach is to provide a  comprehensive non-bias consult to help identify gaps and opportunities, and together we will make a comprehensive plan to how to best serve you.   

Why Us?

Helping hands, Heath Care Navigation Guardianship, Advocacy, Consulting, Proactive Planning for late


    Why us?  Now In Need specializes in consulting, personal and professional concierge services, and advocacy for all ages; specializing in older adults care management and navigation. We also specialize in small projects and proactive life coaching for your final years. Our main thought  is that Now In Need can assist you when life calls with a challenge. There are various challenges that we face personally and professionally everyday that an extra set of hands, ears, eyes, advocate, or a problem solver can help you with when life calls. Now In Need is ready to assist and support you. Call us today.

Just a few of our services we can offer you: (Click Here To Go To Services Now)

  • Consulting, Advocacy, & Services for All Ages (Specializing in Older Adults)
  • Care Management & Guardianships
  • Welfare Check with Dignity
  • Referrals and Resources
  • Small Projects
  • Life Consulting & Planning and Advocate Services
  • Health Care Navigation
  • Post Estate
  • Personal Assistant Services
  • Concierge Services
  • Loved ones lives in Colorado and you live out of state let us help you have piece of mind.

                                          And Much More :)