Preplanning Services for all Ages

Our Proactive Lifeline Service For The Preplanner


Are you, or will you be ready when you get a life changing call? Life‘s call is only a ring away for several of us and those we love. Now In Need wants to empower you to take a proactive approach when ever possible. Let us assist you now and allow for positive memory making later for you and your family.  

There is more to a plan than your Last Will and Testament.  Just a few things to think about. Do you want to age in place? Do you know how to select a homecare agency, Do you know what needs to be done after a funeral. Have you thought about your advance directives to include burial directives?  Who is going to help you make decision when you are unable too advocate for yourself, etc.?  Some times the person you default to is not your best option. 

Your independence and control is important to us and to you. You have more options to you early on if  you are proactive, but options deplete to nothing as time moves on.  Furthermore, do not want others that may, may not know you making decisions for you when you are not able to do for yourself. In addition, ask yourself is  it fair to your loved ones if you are not prepared. It's emotionally taxing when others are wanting to fulfill your wishes and they are not sure of your wishes. 

Let Now In Need Assist you with our educational, non-bias, and multi-disciplinary approach will help you develop a plan "A" or "B".  We can assist you Identify your support team or resources that you may need.  In addition, we can help you identify supporting documentation, and information to support you wishes. Lastly, we can identify solutions and option that may be able to help you or a loved one.

Now In Need can only share potential options and resources. You are in control as to what options you select and build into your plan. See below a few of our preplanning services.

Some A few of our Proactive Services

Proactive Life Kit


When life calls... you are Now In Need. Let us assist you in being ready for that call. You and your loved ones deserves more positive memory making time.

Home Safety Check


Together we can take a proactive approach to prepare the home to be safe as you age. We will walk though a home safety check list and  then provide referrals if needed to assist you in preparing your home further.

What To Share With A Caregiver


We will help educate you as to what a caregiver needs to know. We can walk you through a check list. 

Aging In Place Whenever Possible


We can assist you with developing your plan "A" to age in place, but it will take a multi-disciplinary approach. Given the nature of life let's also assist with a plan "B."

We will also assist with the following: 

  • Develop & Identify Your Support Team
  • Identify Supporting Documentation to Support Your Wishes
  • Identify  & Locate important Documents Needed  
  • Identify Options. 

Let's Prepare for In Home Care


We can help you understand the difference between home health, home care and hospice.

The difference between private pay, Insurance coverage and other resources

How to choose an agency for you? 

Help prepare your home and what you will need to share with a homecare provider.

Funeral, Burial, Advance Directives, Memorial Service Planning


We can help you preplan before spending time with a sales person.   Some things to think about before life calls is burial directives, funeral plans,. Do you want to write out your on obituary, or maybe plan out your service. Do you know what a legacy will is, or even the option of having death midwife if it suites your? 

Do you have your Advance Directives?  Such as a Medical Power of Attorney? 

Do you need a  Health Care Agent (To act as your Medical Power of Attorney)?