Proactive PrePlanners Consulting


Proactive Life Planning
& Advocate Services


Are you, or will you be ready when you get a life changing call? Life‘s call is only a ring away for several of us and those we love. Now In Need wants to empower you to take a proactive approach when ever possible. Let us assist you now and allow for positive memory making later for you and your family.  

There is more to a plan than a Last Will and Testament.  Just a few things to think about. Do you want to age in place? Have you thought about your advance directives to include burial directives.  Who is going to help you make decision when you are unable too advocate for yourself, etc.? 

Your independence and control is important to us and to you. You have more options to you early on if  you are proactive, but options deplete to nothing as time moves on.  Furthermore, do not want others that may, may not know you making decisions for you when you are not able to do for yourself. In addition, ask yourself is  it fair to your loved ones if you are not prepared. It's emotionally taxing when others are wanting to fulfill your wishes and they are not sure of your wishes. 

Our educational, non-bias, and multi-disciplinary approach will help you:

  • Develop a Plan A & B
  • Develop & Identify Your Support Team
  • Identify Supporting Documentation to Support Your Wishes
  • Identify  & Locate important Documents Needed  
  • Identify Options. 

                                    And Much More :-)