Older Adult Services


Consulting & Services - Specializing In The Older Adult

  • Senior Advising 
  • Welfare Checks with Dignity 
  • Home Safety Checks 
  • Solution Finding 
  • Independent living, Assisted Living, Memory Care Referrals 
  • Appropriate Vetted Referral Service
  • Care and Health Care Navigation
  • Private Care Management
  • Transitioning for the older adult.
  • Assistance with necessary applications and forms
  • Investigate, Locate and Educate regarding additional benefits, resources, or options available to you
  •  Advocate Services
  • Health Care Agent (Act as your Medical Power of Attorney)
  • Personal Assistant Services 
  • Become Home Care and caregiver ready
  • When family or friends are unavailable or out of state we may be available to assist you or them
  • Referral & Resources
  • Notary Public 

                                                And much more  because we take a nonbiased 

                                                   customizable approach to solving your need(s)

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